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ACN offers free credit consultation, free in-depth credit analysis, and free credit recommendations to improve your credit score.

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Free In-depth Credit Analysis

Our credit repair specialists review your credit reports and thoroughly analyze them with no extra charge. This helps you find out about your credit status, so you can decide intelligently about the credit repair service you want to get.

Free Credit Consulting & Recommendation

With considerable knowledge and experience, our credit repair specialists offer free consulting. They help you find the best solutions for credit repair, debt settlement, and business credit problems.

100% Money Back Guarantee

At ACN we offer a 90-Day, 100% money-back guarantee for our clients' peace of mind.


Get started today with a FREE credit consultation


Our Work Process

1. ACN thoroughly examines your credit history, challenges any damage you disagree with, and creates a strategy for you to restore good credit.

2. The credit bureaus look into the disputes filed and ask your creditors to defend the entries they made that you don’t agree with in your credit history. You will be putting our strategy for increasing your credit score into action during this time.

3. To reflect the adjustments, the credit reporting agencies issue updated credit reports. An update to your account page at ACN includes a progress report outlining the main changes. 

Based on 12K reviews
"I highly recommend ACN Credit. They helped remove my Bankruptcy and did it within 9 months. I'm very impressed. I was referred to them by a very reputable Credit Repair Attorney who works with them as well in between things, so they know their stuff and all of the legalities regarding fixing your credit."
Emily Watson
"I love this company. They were able to remove my collection off and get it back up to the 700's in about a month or 2. They continuously work on my credit score months later. I'm so grateful for this company and the price is affordable and the customer service is great!"
Tina Oliver
"SAM at ACN Credit Repair is AMAZING! He was able to get the Disc. Card removed completely from my Equifax credit report, and my score shot up to 782! I really appreciate all of his help during this process. Their one-time payment fee to remove negative items off of your credit report is worth every penny. Don't hesitate, start working with this phenomenal team immediately. You won't regret it!"
Jennifer Dunn
"The best company ever. They fixed my credit from 509 score to 700. Mia is the best and helped me alott. She is so responsive and eager to help me. Look no further to find a company that helps you build your credit."
George Weah
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Credit Repair

ACN's most popular service. Our expert credit specialists assist you in repairing your low credit score through practical programs and cost-effective methods. We provide free accurate credit report service to assist you in better monitoring your credit status. Use our free credit counseling to learn more about our credit services.

Business Credit

Our business credit service, which is primarily provided to small business owners, offers benefits such as credit limits increase, personal credit protection, and simpler bookkeeping by setting up a separate credit for your company. To maintain your finances, our credit specialists have developed a strong program.

Debt Settlement

ACN's devoted employees and competent law specialists have a long history of successfully resolving debt settlement challenges. Our debt settlement experts will assist you in addressing your debt settlement concerns. We have specific debt settlement management programs.

People First

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What Is Credit Repair?

When a third party, frequently referred to as a credit repair company or credit services business, tries to remove information from your credit reports in exchange for money, that process is known as credit repair. These are for-profit businesses, and their services are touted as having the ability to assist consumers in improving their credit. Credit repair is lawful at the federal and state levels (in Georgia, credit repair is a misdemeanor).


How Do ACN Credit Specialists Help You?

Analyze your credit reports

Our credit repair specialists typically check your credit report for problems like these while evaluating it:

  • Accounts that are not yours
  • Duplicate accounts
  • Wrong inquiries
  • Unverified accounts

These errors may undermine your credit score. By periodically monitoring your credit report, you can find and fix these errors before they impact your credit score.

Based on their experience and knowledge, our specialists know what to look for and can spare you the time and effort of going through each report line.


Dispute Contrasts

Our credit specialists start credit disputes when inaccuracies are discovered on your credit reports. By signing a service agreement, you are asking ACN to investigate the integrity of the information on your credit report. If the bureaus cannot verify it, they must either fix it or remove it.

How Long Does Credit Repair Take?

The time it takes to see credit repair results depends on many aspects, including your current score, financial position, and many more.

For instance, a person with a few minor errors on their credit report might get results sooner than someone with numerous complex errors that necessitate extensive correspondence. Results, though, differ substantially.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit agencies must fix or delete any inaccuracies that have been notified to them, often within 30 days. However, depending on your circumstances, it can still take longer.

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