Business Credit Service

You will undoubtedly come across the term “business credit” sometime throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Business credit is the ability of a corporation to make a transaction and subsequent payment. If you establish a solid business credit rating, it will be simpler for your company to obtain financing when it needs it.


How Does Business Credit Work?

Vendors, suppliers, or creditors frequently inform business credit bureaus of a company’s accounts and activity to generate business credit reports. Your business credit scores are based in part on the data produced by this activity. Some scores consider data from the owner’s business repository, such as the Small Business Financial Exchange and personal credit report.


Who Needs Business Credit?

An excellent company credit history can be advantageous for any eligible business. However, company credit is usually relevant when you need to borrow money or make payments to suppliers and vendors (like paying 30 or 45 days after receiving an invoice).


Business Credit vs. Personal Credit

Business and personal credit are not the same, although they appear to function similarly. But they all have the same objective—to assist creditors and suppliers in determining your propensity to pay back debts incurred on your company’s behalf. Personal and corporate credit profiles are distinct, although specific business credit scores consider your credit.


What Is the Purposes of Business Credit?

The actions you make could be influenced by your company’s credit, such as the following:


  • Your loan eligibility or interest rates, including those for Small Business Administration loans
  • The cost of the company’s insurance
  • The net terms and credit limit that suppliers and merchants give you
  • Your capacity to attract investment capital
  • Whether you are eligible to get into agreements with other companies

How Does ACN Help You?

Our specialists at ACN have notable skills and knowledge in starting and managing business credit files for many companies. Whether you want to start a new credit account for your business or fix the errors on your current business credit account, you can count on our credit specialists.


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